Accounting File Health Check

Do you go to the doctors regularly for medical checkups?  Does a mechanic regularly service your car?  What about your accounting file?

A Health Check is vital to ensure that your accounts and records are not only in top condition but also that best bookkeeping practices are followed.

Who would benefit from a Health Check?

  • You set up your own Xero file and it hasn’t been reviewed by a professional for more than 12 months
  • Your accountant is charging you extra every year at tax time to tidy up your data
  • You are not sure that your Chart of Accounts is set up properly
  • You have made some changes to your set up and not sure if you got it right
  • You’re not sure you can trust your data to make business decisions

If this sounds like you, book in for a Health Check today and take the worry out of your accounts!

    What can a Health Check do for me?

    Ensure that your accounts are accurate

    Identify errors, duplicates and/or missing information

    Identify problems or areas at risk

    Supplier GST registration checks

    Identify training gaps

    Experts in the field

    GAP Advisors are certified partners with both Xero and QuickBooks Online. Combining these software certifications with over 18 years of experience with accountanting and bookkeeping, we are well placed to help identify any potential issues. 

    Xero Advisor
    QBO Certified ProAdvisor

    How does it work?

    We use a thorough checklist to review all parts of your accounting file including: 

    Chart of Accounts



    Bank Feeds and Transactions


    Payment Processes


    Much, much more!

    Bookkeeping errors could be costing you time and money. Enjoy the piece of mind that a Health Check of your accounting file will bring you by knowing that it is following best practices!

    Get your Health Check today!

    Step 1: Sign-up

    Purchase the Health Check online for $220 and complete the intake form.

    Step 2:  File Access

    You give us authority to access your file.   

    We will show you how to add GAP Advisors to your file.  Never fear, we take your data, privacy and confidentiality seriously.  We will also show you how to remove us from your file when we are finished.   

    Step 3:  File Health Check

    This is where we work our magic in the background and review your file against our checklist.   

    It will take approx 1 week once we’ve received access to your file to complete the Health Check.   

    Step 4:  The Results

    We will prepare a report for you with all our findings.   

    We will also schedule a 30 minute meeting with you to review the report and the results. 

    If you are unsure if a Health Check is right for you, book a discovery call today!

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